Dustless  Sanding and Refinishing

TLC Custom Design LLC. utilizes the Oneida Vortex® DCS dust containment system to eliminate 80% of the airborne dust common with sanding and refinishing.  This leaves your home not only cleaner, but safer for you and your family.

TLC can help you choose the best stain or finish for your existing hardwood floors. TLC uses the Bona and MinWax Stain and finish product lines, including both oil and water-based finishes.

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Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Glossy Finishes- Which luster level to choose?

Both oil and water-based hardwood floor finishes come in 4 levels- matte, satin, semi-gloss, and glossy.  Glossy is the shiniest finish as it reflects the most light.  Glossy floors tend to show the most dirt, scratches, as well as imperfections in the underlying wood.  For that reason, most of my clients prefer satin finishes.  They hold up well with kids and pets while still offering a bit more of the shine that makes the floor look both “newer” and well cared-for.  The other 2 options following closely behind in popularity are semi-gloss and matte. 

Semi- gloss, while shinier than satin finish still holds up pretty well.  It definitely needs a few extra passes each week with the vacuum to keep the lint and dust from showing, but it is more forgiving of scratches and footprints than a glossy finish would be.  I do not recommend a glossy finish for homes as it is the finish most commonly associated with bowling alleys and high school gym floors.  It is also very hard to keep clean looking throughout the week.

Matte floors are also on the rise as a flooring trend. A matte finish is closest to what the natural wood actually looks like as it uses only a 25% luster.  If you like the unfinished, untreated raw look of the wood, or are thinking of applying a finish to reclaimed wood, matte finishes tend to be the choice.  They are the most durable as far as not showing dust and minor scratches as well.   If you are going matte, however, we strongly recommend using BonaTraffic HD (higher grade/less odor) or BonaTraffic finish as other finishes tend to look hazy in matte once applied.